Ropes Course

A ropes course, which may also be referred to as a challenge or confidence course, is a group of structures developed into what are known as elements. These elements can be low (ground level) or high (25 to 35 feet above the ground). The purpose of each of these elements is to provide groups with a new and different challenge in which many of their identified skills can be utilized.

Beginning with the low elements, a group takes on a series of unique challenges which further develops their skills. As each challenge becomes increasingly difficult, the groups skills improve.
A man secures a rope and harness to a pole
Discussion & Reflection
The discussion that follows each challenge allows the members of the group to process and reflect on their experiences with each element, offering insights into their thoughts and allowing for a transfer of newly gained knowledge back to their own workplace or group environment. With this training, participants will be a more cohesive, functional team in any setting.

Program Options
Each program offers your group the opportunity to have an effective teambuilding and leadership experience. Participants develop their skills in an outdoor, adventure based setting. Through the struggle and achievement of their goals, the group will bond and develop a better understanding of teamwork and leadership.
Half Day Program
A half day program is an intensive 3-hour group workshop. This consists of field initiative activities and low ropes course challenges all designed to promote communication and leadership skills within your group and enhance each groups ability to work together. Using this unique outdoor environment, each member of your group will come away with a better understanding of the skills required to create a better team oriented environment whether it be the office, the playing field or the home.
Person swings from a bar attached to a tree
Full Day Program
A full day program is approximately a 6-hour program that encompasses all the aspects of the 3-hour program and may also include a high ropes course experience. Under the instruction of trained staff, participants will have the opportunity to overcome fears, face new challenges and build individual confidence and trust in their team. With the encouragement of the group, participants will have the opportunity to participate in activities unlike any other.

Custom Programming

If you are looking for something different, or have a specific need, we can customize a program to better accommodate your group. Call Patrick at 860-648-6355 for more information.

Trained Staff 
Our ropes course staff has been trained in the latest teambuilding and ropes course programs and has extensive experience with groups of all types. Our staff is committed to providing your group with a safe outdoor adventure experience that is fun, challenging and rewarding.
Safety First
At the SW TLC safety comes first. Our ropes course is designed, built, and maintained by technical experts according to industry standards, and we use only the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Our trained staff members closely supervise participants throughout the process to monitor safety. The actual risk is very low, but the perceived risk is high. That's why our ropes course can spark tremendous personal and professional growth.
Person walks along a pole high off the ground
Make a Reservation
If you would like to schedule a session for your group or are just looking for more information, please contact the South Windsor Parks and Recreation Department at 860-648-6355. You can also check out our Teambuilding and Leadership Center Brochure (PDF).

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