Karate Self Defense

Learn to defend yourself safety and with confidence using appropriate response training where good technique works more effectively than brute strength.

About the Class
All classes are co-ed and geared into individual development with emphasis placed on safety and personalized attention. Practical self-defense is taught in a traditional setting where we stress doing your very best.

This class is for anyone 16 or older Interested in self defense, tradition or a discipline that will carry over into every aspect of life.

Students may try their 1st class for free. 

Location & Instructor
This class will be held in SWCC Room 214

Spring/Summer 2016 Schedule

Time Dates Class Number Cost Instructor
7 - 8:30p September 135003A $17 Peter Dylag
7 - 8:30p October 135003B $28 Peter Dylag
7 - 8:30p November 135003C $22 Peter Dylag
7 - 8:30p December 135003D $17 Peter Dylag
7 - 8:30p January 135003E $22 Peter Dylag
7 - 8:30p February 135003F $22 Peter Dylag
7 - 8:30p March 135003G $22 Peter Dylag