Registration Information

The 4th "R" Registration form can be found in the link below.

Please Note: Registration for the 2018/2019 school year is not yet open and will be available during our spring/summer registration. Registration forms may not be turned in early, and must be brought to the Parks and Recreation Office (Wapping Parks and Recreation Facility, 91 Ayers Road) on the day of registration or there after. Any registrations forms that are faxed or mailed in will be processed at the end of registration day and will be subject to any waitlists that have occurred. 

4th "R" 2018/2019 Monthly Fees

Month AM & PM AM Only
PM Only
Aug/Sept $438 $221 $299
October $438 $221 $299
November $356 $180 $246
December $356 $180 $246
January $438 $221 $299
February $356 $180 $246
March $438 $221 $299
April $356 $180 $246
May $438 $221 $299
June $356 $180 $246

Limited Spacing Available

The 4th "R" Program has filled to capacity at most schools and there are limited spaces available. To inquire about the availability at a particular school and/or to place your child on a waitlist, please contact the Parks and Recreation Office at 860-648-6355.

Wait Lists

​When a program fills to capacity at any particular school, new registrations will be added to a waitlist. Waitlist participants are listed in order based on the date/time they register. If a spot in the 4th "R" becomes available, participants will be offered the spot based on their order on the waitlist.