Preschool Program

Reasons to Register Early
These preschool classes are very popular. In order to get a spot, it is highly encouraged to register early.

Avoid Class Cancellation
All classes will be cancelled a week before it is scheduled to start if there are not enough participants registered. Very often people want to register for a class that has already been cancelled. Early registration helps ensure that the class will run.

Potty Training
Although we do not require children to be potty trained, the South Windsor Parks and Recreation Preschool Program does not have a facility that will allow the changing of diapers. If you child has an accident during the program, it will be up to the teacher's discretion if the parent will be called and asked to come change their child.

Parent/Child Classes
Many caregivers introduce their child(ren) to the program with a parent/child class in order to acclimate their young ones with the comfort of a familiar adult nearby. 

Independent Classes
Multiple independent classes are offered for children as young as 2 years of age. An advantage of your child participating in an independent class is the confidence you will see when they are ready for school.