1. Adult & Youth Jukido

    Jukido is a style of the Japanese Martial Art of Jujitsu the techniques of which were founded centuries ago. Jujitsu was used by Japan’s elite warrior class, the Samurai, and perfected over hundreds of years in combat.

  2. Learn to Skate

    Learn to Skate is a beginning ice skating program that is challenging and rewarding - but most of all fun.

  3. TEMS Ski & Snowboard Club

    The Ski and Snowboard Club is a social club providing opportunities for students and families to have fun and practice skills on the slopes

  4. Timothy Edwards Middle School After School Program

    Find information about the different after school programs available at Timothy Edwards Middle School.

  5. Track Club

    Find out what is included in the track club if you wish to join.

  6. Wrestling

    Participants will learn the basic wrestling skills with an emphasis on proper body mechanics, movement skills and proper techniques.

  7. Youth Basketball

    Get to know all of the youth basketball teams that are available in the South Windsor community.

  8. Youth Tennis Lessons

    Find out information regarding the tennis lessons offered for young adults and children.

  9. Concussion Information

    Information concerning Youth Athletes and the risks of associated with youth sports and concussions.

  10. Best Foot Forward

    A confidence-building running program for girls aged 7-12