Timothy Edwards Middle School After School Programs

  1. Baseball

    These 2 separate training camps will provide opportunity for players on all levels to work on your baseball skills. You will receive the specific knowledge on proper conditioning, hitting, defense, pitching, base running, and much more.

  2. Basketball

    This training will provide players at all levels to work in various basketball skills while improving their conditioning. Skill improvement will focus on shooting, passing, dribbling, as well as overall basketball concepts.

  3. Fitness Club

    This is an indoor program aimed at helping middle school students enhance their physical fitness. Students will not only exercise, but also expand upon exercise and strength training knowledge provided by physical education classes.

  4. Golf

    This weekly program is perfect for golfers of all levels. Located at Willow Brook Golf Course in South Windsor, students will be transported to the course and can play 9 holes on the beautifully manicured course.

  5. (TEPEE)Physical Education

    This summer experience will be conducted by two certified physical education and health professionals from Timothy Edwards. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in physical education units while incorporating the use of technology to monitor health benefits.

  6. Volleyball

    In this 8 week program, Teens will develop basic skills with an emphasis on mastering the proper techniques, movements and postures through instruction, drills and play.