Many athletes find additional benefits from participating in wrestling, for instance, throwing a baseball further, kicking a soccer ball harder, or just overall strength on the line of scrimmage.  This year wrestlers are expected to compete in at least three tournaments, as it has proven to build the team and individuals by testing their abilities in all areas. Wrestlers can expect to become better athletes, become part of a community that exists off the mat and most importantly take what they've learned to other aspects in their lives. It’s also a great year for girls to get involved, between Helen Maroulis winning USA’s first Olympic Gold Medal in freestyle wrestling and now the first female is wrestling for a Division 1 School! Feel free to check out the program at open mats.

Open Mats: Practices are Mondays and Wednesdays starting 9/24/18, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Please see schedule below for specific locations and time alterations due to school activities.

Season: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 11/26/18 – 3/15/19, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
$150 includes uniforms, USA wrestling card and entry to first three tournaments
Wear shorts, t-shirt and wrestling shoes.  No sneakers or baggy clothes.

Location: South Windsor High School

Instructors: Mike Cunningham (860-830-7497 or AFDAnytimeFitnessWH@gmail.com) and Jon Dixon (860-986-3469 or jon.dixon41@gmail.com)

Register online at https://southwindsor.recdesk.com/Community/Member/Login

2018 Youth Wrestling Open Mat Schedule 

South Windsor High School (SWHS): 161 Nevers Road


9/24 6pm-8pm SWHS Auxiliary Gym

9/26 (HS TRYOUTS) 7:15pm-9pm SWHS Wrestling Room


10/1 (HS TRYOUTS) 7:15pm-9pm SWHS Wrestling Room

10/3 6pm-8pm SWHS Auxiliary Gym


10/8 (schools closed) No Meeting

10/10 6pm-8pm SWHS Auxiliary Gym


10/15 (HS TRYOUTS) 7:15pm-9pm SWHS Wrestling Room

10/17 (HS TRYOUTS) 7pm-9pm SWHS Wrestling Room


10/22 (HS TRYOUTS) 7:15pm-9pm SWHS Wrestling Room

10/24 (HS TRYOUTS) 7pm-9pm SWHS Wrestling Room


10/29 6pm-8pm SWHS Auxiliary Gym

10/31 6pm-8pm SWHS Auxiliary Gym


11/5 No Meeting – Schools closed voting set up

11/7 6pm-8pm SWHS Auxiliary Gym


11/12 6pm-8pm SWHS Auxiliary Gym

11/14 6pm-8pm SWHS Auxiliary Gym


11/19 6pm-8pm SWHS Auxiliary Gym

11/21 6pm-8pm SWHS Auxiliary Gym