Lawrence Road Park

Many of you may have noticed some property clearing activity at Lawrence Road Park this summer.  Primarily utilizing
in-house resources we have been and will continue to develop this wonderful site into a usable passive public park.  I want to emphasize that it is a passive public park, and is not slated for athletic fields or routine organized activity.  I also want to emphasize that we are actually only clearing invasive species like poison ivy, bittersweet and autumn olive.  We fully intend to save all healthy trees.  The goal is to eventually create a series of open greenspaces that neighboring residents can enjoy for casual hiking, picnics, Frisbee, etc.  We were successful in clearing approximately 3 acres thus far and hope to increase that to a total of 10-12 acres.  The other benefit to opening up the park is to remove the thick overgrowth that can camouflage inappropriate activity which at times has been an issue at this site.  We expect that this will be a rather slow and gradual process as we work this effort around the daily demands of maintaining all our parks, public building grounds, athletic fields and open space.  

  • Located on Lawrence Road in the northeast corner of town, this 42.84 acre property is a work-in-progress and features passive opportunities for walking & hiking a 1+ mile trail system, bird-watching, and fishing.  Future plans include a playground, fishing dock, small open spaces and picnic groves.