About the Program

​Participants will each write their own part of either a collected work or a stand-alone book for publication. They may choose to write poetry, memoir or fiction. They may choose to illustrate their piece or not. They will also create non-fiction author biographies. During these sessions, the authors will create their manuscript or section of the manuscript under the guidance of local author, J Monkeys. Approximately 4 weeks after the completion of the manuscript(s), the program will meet one last time for a book launch party where they will each receive a copy of the book to keep, have an opportunity sign each other's books, and share their experience with friends and family whom they invite to the party.

More Information

​- Ages 18+
​- Dates: 1/16-3/6
​- Days and Times: Tuesdays, 7:30pm-9:00pm
​- Instructor: J Monkeys, local author
​- Location: Wapping School Room 58
​- Price: $200
​- Number: #335579A