Improve Your Health and Beauty Workshops

This class if for anyone who would like to eliminate toxins/stressors from their lives, focusing on food and the environment at home (cleaning supplies, personal care products, dental health, etc.) We will focus on foods that support your well-being and beauty and learn about certain "health" foods that might actually sabotage your life. 

This class is very beneficial for current and future parents with children, as they are the most vulnerable people when it comes to toxins in food and the environment. This class is all about you and positive changes you can make so you are healthy and beautiful because you deserve it. Handouts will be provided.

Anna Simpson is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who would like to share what she has learned as it has helped her and her husband to have two healthy children. Anna had suffered from a variety of issues (digestive, fertility, etc.) in the past and is very passionate about all things wellness and education. She believes what you put in and on your body matters!

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