Get Coding!

Python and R Programming Languages (Ages 16+)

For adults interested in upskilling or for kids intersted in finding higher paid internships, this course will help build foundations for a data scientist; the fastest growing field in the industry. This five-week course will teach you Python and R programming languages used extensively for data analysis, maching learning, and game apps. You will get your own copy of multiple coding environments along with an online text book as part of this course. You will learn type of cariables, data structure, Boolean and Operational operators along with iterative loops using While, For, If, Range and nested algorithms in an interactive and script models. You will be trained in using debugging tools. You will use Python's built-in functions/libraries and will create your own functions using Object Oriented functionality.

Introduction to Big Data Analysis (Ages 16+)

As per Harvard Business Review, Data Scientist is the "sexiest job of the twentieth century". This five-week course in big data analysis will teach you variable types, plot types, summary statistics, data interpretation, outiers and leverage points. You will also learn probability types such as Binomial, Gaussian and Poisson. You will learn how to interpret ANOVA tables, Correlation, Covariance, Sum of Squares, Z score, p-values and confidence intervals for big data analysis. You will learn how to build Simple Linear Regression 9SLR) model and its applications in the business world. You will use Python and R programming to write scripts and code for big data analysis.

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