Swim Lessons

 Did you know that drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death in children ages 1-14?  Learning to swim is a vital life skill, and we offer swim lessons every hour of the day to make it easy for you to get yourself or you children involved.  Group swim lessons are taught by our certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors for children starting at 6 months old in our parent child classes and progress up to Level 6.   Private lessons are also available for children as well as adults.

 Feeling safe in and around water for both your and your children’s sake is not something any parent takes lightly. And you owe it to yourself and your kids to make sure that both of you are water smart.  Whether you are starting your kids off at a young age, or finally conquering your fear of the water, we have the classes for you.

 Ready to sign up? Here’s the details:

  • Classes are held Monday-Thursday, rain or shine.
  • To participate in group lessons level 1-6, participants must be able to comfortably participate without the parent present.
  • Minimum age for independent group lessons is 3, and there is no minimum age for private lessons.
  • Passholders receive a $10 discount for each swim lesson ONLY AFTER pool membership passes have been purchased. You must purchase your passes before registering for swim lessons to receive the discount.
  • Please note that in the event that a lesson is cancelled due to under enrollment, you will receive notification no earlier than the Saturday before the lesson starts.
  • In the event of thunder/lightning we close the pool for 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or sight of lightning.  We will hold a lesson if we can get at least 50% of it in.  We make every attempt to notify participants if we know we cannot run a lesson, but due to the uncertainty of Mother Nature, its not always possible.  Please feel free to call the pool, but know there is a chance that we may not know if we can run your lesson until right before its start time.
  • The safety of your children is our 1st priority and it is our goal to provide them with an optimal environment to learn the swimming skills. Research shows that children can be distracted by their parents’ presence during swim lessons. It can also be quite distracting to the instructor and the other children in the class. For this reason, we ask that parents please try to distance themselves from the class. As a general rule, please try to stay off the pool deck. There are multiple picnic tables as well as grassy areas to sit.


Group Swim Lessons

 Proper swim level placement is essential in providing a successful and enjoyable swim lesson experience. Please make sure you refer to last year’s certification before registering your child for swim lessons.

  • If you want to sign up a child for more than one session, you must sign up for the same level until the child passes that level. It is your responsibility to switch your child to the next level once they pass.

Please note: failure to abide by this policy will result in cancellation of your enrollment.

  • If you registered a child for multiple sessions and the child passes a level on their first attempt, for the next session you may switch to an available class in the next level, stay in the same level, or receive a refund for that class.
  • If a child is registered for an inappropriate level, the child may be moved to a more suitable level depending on availability.
  • There will be no switching classes or levels after the second class in each session.
  • Classes will only be cancelled for severe weather. If a class is cancelled due to weather, the class will be made up on the 2nd Friday of the session. Any other missed classes due to weather will be refunded.

 The  discount for pass members is only available after pool membership passes have been purchased. You must purchase or renew your passes before registering for swim lessons to receive the discount.

Private Swim Lessons

All ages

Private Swim Lessons are offered for both child and adult instruction. You may sign up for an individual lesson (one-on-one) or pair up with a friend or sibling within one level of each other. Private Lessons are limited to two participants per class. Each class consists of eight 30 minute lessons. Session 4 is four 30 minute lessons. The pre-season lessons will consist of four 60 minute lessons. Registration will be on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to share a lesson with another participant, you may split the fee; however the full fee is due at the time of registration. Instructors will vary from session to session. We cannot honor requests for instructors.

Private lesson participants will be allowed to reschedule 1 lesson at a mutually agreed upon time with the instructor. Any other missed classes will not be refunded or made up.

 The  discount for pass members is only available after pool membership passes have been purchased. You must purchase your passes before registering for swim lessons to receive the discount.

 NOTE REGARDING SESSION 4:  Session 4 will only be 1 week long and the cost is adjusted to reflect the change.  This is due to a shortened summer season this year. 


For more information on each of the classes please click on the links below:

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