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1. Are non-residents able to register for these programs?
2. Why can’t I change my child’s team?
3. I requested a specific practice night, school or teammate and didn’t get it. Why?
4. My child missed team placement day, what happens next?
5. My child missed practice, will he or she be benched?
6. My child seems more advanced than the other players in his/her division. Can they play in a division for older players?
7. Why are practices so late?
8. Why was my child placed on the waiting list?
9. The referee made a horrible call and my child’s team lost as a result. What can I do about it?
10. Another team in our division seems stacked with better players. How is that fair?
11. The jersey my child received is way too big / small for him or her. What should I do?
12. Why can't my child's team change, add or makeup a practice?
13. What is this ECHO logo on every players shirt?