Self Defense is Kokondo Karate

Learn to defend yourself safety and with confidence using appropriate response training where good technique works more effectively than brute strength.

About the Class

 In this "hands on" class we deal with real life situations with candid discussion and realistic defenses that work. We will train for multiple attackers, surprise attacks, grabs, pushes, weapons and learn take downs.

All classes are coed. In this ongoing class, your training is geared to your individual development with emphasis placed on  doing your very best in a traditional class setting.

Nothing good comes easy, be prepared to work! We will do body conditioning, basic techniques and Kata's. Class will bow in promptly at 7pm, so come early to warm up. For you and your partners' safety, keep jewelry at home.


This class is for anyone 16 or older Interested in self defense, tradition or a discipline that will carry over into every aspect of life.


Students may try their 1st class for free. 

Location & Instructor

 Class will be held at the Wapping Parks & Recreation Facility Gym

Peter J Dylag is a resident of South Windsor and started training with Kokondo Karate in 1989 directly under its founder Mr. Paul Arel and earned his 5th Degree Black Belt in 2013.

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No classes on major Holidays or as posted

Fall/Winter 2019/2020 Schedule

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