Do you want to improve your over-all health? Yoga is a great place to begin! Two styles of yoga are offered: Kripalu and Vinyasa 

Kripalu Yoga

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In addition to being a fun and moderate physical activity that will lift your mood, strengthen your body, and help you become fit and flexible, Kripalu yoga is a mindful practice that will teach you how to relax and release the stress that can wreck havoc on your health and well being. Sydnie and Paul Cote are long-time Kripalu Certified and have the skill and expertise to help you safely experience the profound benefits of Kripalu Yoga. There are 3 ways to become a student: discounted session student; monthly student; and 6-month, 10-class pass membership. A no-obligation introductory class is offered to prospective students. Yoga mat recommended

People doing a position in yoga class


Classes are held at the Wapping Parks & Recreation Facility in the Banquet Hall


Monthly option:  $9 a class.  This is a great option for new students who want to give our classes a try without making a long-term commitment, or for any other students who cannot commit for the entire session. 

Discounted Session option:  $7.15 a class.  Because the benefits of yoga increase over time, we offer a deep discount for students who commit to a full session.

Schedule and Pricing

This class runs year round on Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m., 5:45 p.m., and 7:15 p.m..For the most up-to-date schedule and pricing, search "Kripalu Yoga" here.


Morning Joga

What better way to start your day? This LivFree for All yoga class will be held outside in the Rotary Pavilion in the quiet morning sunshine. Learn the yoga basics or continue your growth and knowledge with instructors from The Yoga Shop. After class, prepare for the day with coffee from Between Rounds

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