Youth Tennis Lessons

All tennis lessons are at the Wapping Tennis Courts on
Ayers Road, and are taught by Todd Custer. Each student
is responsible for providing their own racquet. In order
to maintain high quality instruction and plan accordingly
for each session, no customized sessions will be allowed
this season. The participant should attend all session
days they are signed up for. Make-ups will be scheduled
for inclement weather. Please check the cancellation
hotline (860)648-6349.

Class Levels

  • Pee Wee - For ages 4-7 with no previous experience
    • Parents must remain on site
  • Beginner I - Ages 7-11 and Adults
    • No previous experience
  • Advanced Beginner - Ages 9-15 and Adults
    • Must know forehand, backhand, and be able to sustain rally
  • Intermediate - Ages 9-15 and Adults
    • Must have command of volley, be able to sustain rally, and know positioning
  • Hi Performance - Ages 13-19


Morning Youth Classes

• Held Monday-Thursday in 2-week sessions
• Pee Wee Beginner classes are 30 Minutes, $55
• Youth: Beginner, Adv. Beginner,
and Intermediate classes are 45 minutes, $55
• Hi Performance Classes are 1 hour and 45 minutes, $105

Evening Youth & Adult Classes

• Adult 16 and older
• Held twice a week in 4-week sessions
• Sessions A & C meet Mondays and Wednesday;
Sessions B & D meet Tuesdays and Thursdays
• Youth classes are 45 minutes, $55
• Adult classes are 60 minutes, $57


Register Here or at the South Windsor Parks and Recreation Department at 91 Ayers Road, South Windsor 06074

South Windsor Tennis Classic Tournament

Test your skills and have a great time! Call Tournament Director Todd Custer at 860-645-9120 for details. Wapping Tennis Courts
are adjacent to Wapping Parks & Recreation Facility.

Tournament: Saturday 8/18 and Sunday 8/19

Fee: $18/Singles, $28/Doubles.
Participants are expected to bring a new can of tennis balls
to each event.
All fees are per event. Maximum of two events.


Men’s Open Singles
Men’s Open Doubles
Women’s Open Singles
Women’s Open Doubles
Mixed Doubles
Boys 12 and under Singles
Boys 14 and under Singles
Boys 16 and under Singles
Girls 12 and under Singles
Girls 14 and under Singles
Girls 16 and under Singles
Youth 17 and under Doubles