Travel Boys

South Windsor competes in the North Central Connecticut Travel Basketball League(NCCTBL) which hosts competitive basketball play versus Central Connecticut opponents. The Travel Basketball League offers players increased practice timeof typically two hour practices twice per week and approximately 25 games scheduled at home and around the state, including tournaments. The season runs October through March. This is a high commitment program for competitive, experienced basketball players. Teams may be 

Residents only. Must register to tryout - $110 initial fee, additional $145 if your child is chosen for the 2018-2019 season.
Please be aware that there are other fees/costs involved with the travel basketball program beyond the initial registration fee.

For more information, call Craig Zimmerman at 860-670-5224. 


  • Players should attend all tryouts until told otherwise by one of the coaches.  Parents are welcome to attend.  1st cut normally after 2nd tryout.  Final team is selected after last tryout.  Letters will be given to all players selected or cut.
  • Our team needs to be our player’s primary sports commitment from November to March
  • We practice 3-4 times per week in November, and 2 times per week starting in December
  • Our coaches are committed to helping each player improve as a player and a teammate
  • We play 25+ games against some of the best teams in the area – most within 20 miles
  • Includes a day trip to New York include games in Far Rockaway & time in the city

2018-2019 Open Gyms

Sundays, September 16th - October 14th

Timothy Edwards Middle School Gym

5th, 6th, 7th grade: 6pm-7:15pm

8th and 9th grade: 7:15pm-8:30pm

2018-2019 Tryouts

All tryouts are held at Timothy Edwards Middle School unless otherwise noted.


Saturday,October 20th  5:30-7:00PM Parent-Player Information Meeting 7:00-7:15PM

Wednesday          24th  5:30-7:00PM - South Windsor High School

Saturday               27th  5:30-7:00PM

Sunday                 28th  5:30-7:00PM


Wednesday,October 17th    5:30-7:00PM Parent-Player Information Meeting 7:00-7:15PM

Saturday                   20th    7:15-8:45PM

Friday                       26th    5:30-7:00PM - Ellsworth Gym

Saturday                    27th   7:15-8:45PM


Friday,October 19th    5:30-7:00PM Parent-Player Information Meeting 7:00-7:15PM

Sunday             21st   5:30-7:00PM

Wednesday       24th  7:15-9:00PM - South Windsor High School

Sunday             28th   7:15-8:45PM


Wednesday,October 17th  7:15-9:00PM Parent-Player Information Meeting 8:45-9:00PM

Friday                         19th 7:15-9:00PM

Sunday                      21st  7:15-9:00PM

Friday                        26th  7:15-9:00PM - Ellsworth Gym

*Dates are subject to change based on space availability. Please check the website frequently