Pokémon Go Training Guide

Get up and go! To all future Pokémon Masters, get up and out in our parks! There's bound to be a Bulbasaur, Gastly or Zubat waiting for you. We are excited you are out enjoying the beauty and amenities of our park system. We have some training tips to help your Pokémon hunting stay safe and happy.

Be aware of your surroundings.

That Eevee make look like it's on the trail, but distance and terrain can be deceiving. Make sure you're staying aware of what's around you, including cars, bikers, and other players. Move off the trails or busy areas to do your battle, and keep pathways, exits and equipment clear. Many of our parks and public locations are located along busy streets and parking lots. Look before you chase!

Respect private property and events.

Parks are often neighbors to private homes and businesses. If you see a Snorlax dash into an adjacent yard, let it go! Besides, parks are great places for relaxation and reflection, too. Pack a picnic, lay down a blanket, and let the Pokémon come to you! Be cautious of facilities throughout our parks, including Rotary Pavilion, that may be rented out for a private event. 

Get out and visit our great parks! 

Different kinds of Pokémon like the excitement of our different parks! Try visiting Nevers Park for a jog on our stone dust trails. Head over to Rye Street for pick-up soccer game, or catch one of our adult sports leagues while they're playing. Trek into Wapping Park for a peaceful picnic, and the chance to catch flying and bug types. 

Most of all, stay safe and have fun! Gotta catch 'em all!