ART-ventures for Kids

Summer Creativity Weeks!

​Join us for two different summer ART-venture weeks, both filled with exciting and unique art projects! ART-ventures for Kids provides affordable half-day programs, Monday-Friday, with unique summer art fun. These art-filled weeks are designed around a single exciting theme, such as the rainforest or under the sea, art inspired by the masters or art made from a mess. ART-ventures for Kids believes the best route to expanding one's creativity is through exploring and experimenting with as many art forms, tools, and techniques as possible. As a result, our summer art-ventures weeks expose children to a world of artistic wonder while we encourage their own original ideas, unique perception, and interpretation of art. Highlights of each week-long program include:
​- 5 days for 3 hours a day or art-rageous fun!
​- All materials and supplies for several works of art each day
​- A project take-home box
​- A T-shirt designing project
​- Face painting or glitter tattoos
​- Lively storytelling
​- Each Child will bring home 2 or 3 works of art per day

Jungle Journey Art-Ventures in the Rainforest

Art explorers take their inner artists for a walk in the rainforest and discover endangered creatures who live there. Lizards, poison dart frogs, bugs and butterflies, tigers and monkeys and more. Experience fabric design while tie-dyeing bandannas, making rainbow t-shirts, and printing on umbrellas. Sculpt animals out of clay, make bug boxes, create rainforest flowers, draw tigers, and paint ceramic flower pots shaped like sneakers. Discover stained glass and scratch art too. Fun facts about endangered animals and how to save the rainforest are included. 

Date: Monday-Friday, 7/8-7/12
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Price: $159
Location: Orchard Hill Elementary School Room 134
Instructor: Art-ventures for Kids Staff

Treasure Island and the Magical Kingdom Art-ventures

Pirate and princess art-venturers sail the high seas and discover enchanted kingdoms while creating fantastical masterpieces. Get into character, donning handcrafted pirate hooks or sparkling princess hats. Make your own fireworks t-shirts and pirate flags. Draw magical kingdoms, paint watercolor pirate ships, and build super cool castles. Sculpt clay cupcakes that look yummy enough to eat and clay frog pots - perhaps they'll turn into princes! Draw treasure maps, design wooden alligators, and create mosaic star boxes to hide your pirate treasure! Pirates and princesses explore clay art, painting, beading, stained glass, fabric art, and more. Humorous storytelling is included. 

- Dates: Monday-Friday, 7/29-8/2
- Time: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
- Price: $159
- Location: Orchard Hill Elementary School Room 134
- Instructor: Art-ventures for Kids Staff