Red Cross Class Offerings

Joseph Lodge, the owner of Health & Safety Training of Connecticut, LLC, will be leading each of these programs. 

Joseph Lodge founded Health & Safety Training of Connecticut, LLC in June of 2016. He has been an instructor of American Red Cross programs for over 15 years and was a direct employee of the American Red Cross for 10 years in Asheville NC, San Diego CA and Farmington CT. After leaving as a direct employee, Joseph signed a Licensed Training Provider agreement with the American Red Cross allowing him to provide the programs that he has been teaching for so many years through his own private company. Joseph prides himself on the life skills that are taught through the Red Cross programs and will always find a way to bring his passion to others. Together we can save lives!

Health & Safety Training of Connecticut, LLC provides basic level, professional and instructor level courses. Whether you want to train for a wilderness/remote setting, aquatics or the workplace we can take care of it all! AED’s can also be purchased through us.