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Gary K. Tyler Memorial Bark Park

Subfacility of Nevers Park

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Chief Gary K. Tyler Memorial Bark Park” – fully enclosed 1.1 acre off-leash exercise area for canines – complete with a 30,000 square foot area for large dogs and a separate area for small dogs with another 18,000 square feet, water fountains, benches, obstacles and lights allowing evening use up until sunset.

Keeping the Park Clean
The park is maintained by volunteers so we kindly ask that you take out what you take in and help out with keeping the park clean during your visit.

Rules & Requirements
  • Dogs must display a valid license and up-to-date rabies vaccinations.
  • Dogs must be leashed when entering/exiting the dog park.
  • Dog owners must carry a leash and have their dog within view and voice control.
  • No smoking or glass containers are allowed in the dog park.
  • No rawhide or food (people/animal) is allowed in the dog park, as dog fights may result.
  • No dogs showing aggression towards other dogs or people can enter the park.
  • Owners must pick up after their dogs.
  • No female dogs in heat are allowed.
  • No toddlers or small children are allowed in the dog run area.
  • No puppies under 5 months are allowed. Puppies are not fully vaccinated and are vulnerable to disease and injury.
  • Please remove pinch (prong) collars and spike collars from dogs before entering the park. Other dogs can be injured while playing.